Pelvic Floor Secrets

1 Harley Street,

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“My pelvic floor something you cannot see can either Reward or Debilitate me!”

  • “A functional pelvic 

    floor shows in the

    shape and contour

    of your butt and

    lower abdominals



  • "Our programme gifts
    women with better
    sex, greater body
    control and super

    Jenni Russell
  • "Within 6 weeks the
    improvement was

    Phillipa, 35 years
  • "your book, which is by the
    way brilliantly put together
    in a sensitive, honest and
    humorous way - this light
    hearted approach is
    need making one feel
    less 'alien' like!!!!"

  • "Strong pelvic floor
    muscles mean
    conditions such as
    'Light Bladder
    Leaking' (LBL) are
    never your experience"

  • "Many muscles, ligaments
    and nerves can affect the
    working and efficiency of
    the pelvic floor. To
    understand is to empower."

  • "I am a new woman. For the
    first time I can say I am in
    control, I am strong and can
    only get stronger!!!"