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Understanding pelvic floor muscle function can help to improve both prostate and testicular health

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Pelvic floor health and happiness is as important for men as it is for women. My Reverse the Damage programme is equally as successful. I have been able to help a client successfully avoid surgery for an enlarged prostate, removing the catheter in just 3 weeks.

His ability to begin to return to intimacy without medical drugs was an amazing boost to his confidence. Improving his overall health and body image, confidence and understanding of how his body works was as empowering as getting back control of his bladder.

I have also helped men minimise annoying constant dribbling which tends to be a natural default position from operations on the prostate.

Pelvic Floor for men

Testimonial from one of Jenni's male clients

The pelvic floor muscles play an vital role in stability of the pelvis which is the centre of gravity and involved in every sport and movement. It’s weakness has been linked to ACL tears, knee, ankle, hamstring and groin strains and low back pain.

My success with a young West Ham Academy footballer whose potential for injury was so great they were not going to offer him a contract was beyond successful. Within 6 weeks he had his first contract and over the 3.5 years of working together he signed 3 contracts and made a first team appearance.

He progress was so great he once text and told me “West Ham want your number, shall I give it to them?”

Let my Pelvic Floor Secrets take you to the next level in health and wellbeing.

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