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How does it work?
Pelvic Floor Secrets offers an integrated wellbeing, nutrition and lifestyle programme that takes care of every stage of a women′s life. Whether you want to optimise the condition and support of your pelvic floor muscles, or you are about to have a baby or get married, there is a programme which can be tailored to consider your unique lifestyle factors.
What is the cost?
Pelvic Floor Secrets  always offers a fly comprehensive assessment. Consultation is £380 with £100 REDEEMABLE against any programme booked. Programmes start from as little as £997. Contact the pelvic floor clinic to find which program best suits your needs.
Will there be other people there?
Our Programmes are individual and confidential. Every client’s history is different and therefore each programme is tailored accordingly and the client given undivided attention.
I think my situation is worse than usual, are you sure you can help?
Pelvic Floor Secrets testimonial success includes international clients. Client who felt their condition was worse than normal and they believed their was little hope for their future.* You can experience their success also. Book your consultation today and see how we can help make your future more prosperous in the area of your pelvic floor health and wellbeing.
Will I have to see you for the rest of my life?
All Pelvic Floor Secrets programmes are an education! They allow the client to be fully informed and equipped to ensure that the optimal health of their pelvic floor BELONGS to the individual. 
The programmes themselves are the foundation for which optimal health should be based, leaving the client with the confidence to be independent, once the education has been received.
Do you use any instruments or tools?
Pelvic Floor Secrets are holistic programmes that require no cream, medication or surgery. Pelvic Floor Secrets programmes work with Gyneflex® a resistance vaginal strengthening system specific to optimizing pelvic floor condition whilst remaining in line with holistic health.
Do I have to take tablets?
Pelvic Floor Secrets works closely with supplements that enhance good gut and vaginal health, such as Vitamin C and Zinc, crucial to optimal pelvic floor and vaginal health (strengthening vaginal membrane and ensuring PH balance). These organic supplements are natural, complimenting hormone balance.



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