These are just some of the women who have worked with Jenni Russell to achieve a positive and confident outcome to their pelvic floor health and condition and optimized their wellbeing. Which one resonates with you?


Dear Jenni I just wanted to write to thank you so much for all the help you have given me. I have suffered for all my life with urge incontinence and for 28 years with sexual problems due to a weak pelvic floor. Ignoring the problem did not help and led to other complexities.

You listened and understood all my difficulties and started me on a programme to resolve the issues.  The programme enabled me to be in control of my bladder and sex life for the first time.  You firstly made me aware that I even had a pelvic floor and then taught me how to use it.  Some of your exercises were hilarious especially when we were doing sexual exercises in the park! but that meant we laughed about the problem which is cathartic in itself.

Now things are much better and my body is able to do things it has never experienced before.  I still carry spare clothes around with me but very rarely have to use them.

I really love how much you helped me, how passionate you are about your work and how much you really care for your clients. I would really welcome this chance to let other people know about your services

Please let me know what you think.

M x

Working with Jenni has had a hugely positive impact on my life. I developed a prolapse shortly after the birth of our twins, and was so sad, scared and angry about it. I had no incontinence or pain but the “falling out” feeling was a constant reminder that things were not alright ‘down there,’ and I had difficulty having a proper bowel movement which would leave me feeling hopeless, uncomfortable and ashamed. No one ever talks about prolapse so I felt unprepared and lonely, and I was terrified of making it worse or ending up with surgery.

Prior to the prolapse I was very active and enjoyed long-distance hiking, cycling, rock climbing and running. After I was injured I became almost completely sedentary as I felt that the advice was so conflicting and although I knew I needed to strengthen my pelvic floor, I had no idea how to go about doing it! I was told by my doctor and by the NHS physio to go away and do my kegels, but I felt like a big part of the puzzle was missing and the kegels by themselves didn’t seem to be making much difference.

In a moment of desperation one day I started looking for physios in London who specialize in treating pelvic floor problems, and Jenni’s name came up. I took a chance and gave her a call, and right from the first conversation she was warm, welcoming and kind and for the first time I felt like someone was really listening to me. She took the time to ask lots of questions and understand my situation, and I liked her holistic approach of looking at the body as an integrated system, rather than focusing only on the muscles of the pelvic floor.

I worked with Jenni over a few months, and I can honestly say that I will continue to see the benefits for the rest of my life! I had been taking one-on-one Pilates classes at £60 a session, and while they did help somewhat I knew that the cost was unsustainable in the long term. I also could only afford to go to Pilates once a week, and I felt that I needed to be doing a daily practice in order to see real benefits. What Jenni has provided me with is an education in how to stretch, move and strengthen my body, so that I can take control and be confident that I can exercise without hurting myself. I’ve improved my posture, protected my prolapse, and improved my diastasis recti, and I am now hopeful that I can avoid surgery for life.

When you work with Jenni you will receive a personalised video library of fun, varied exercises and stretches that feel fantastic to do – I actually look forward to getting started every day. We also worked together on my diet and for the first time in my adult life I feel like I’ve achieved a healthy balanced approach to food. I don’t starve myself and I also feel no compulsion to binge on sugar (formally a BIG problem for me!), and I am eating a full range of nutritious and tasty foods. Jenni has also taught me a lot about sleep, hydration, breathing, and the link between your mental/emotional state and your pelvic floor, all of which are really important and easily overlooked.

When I first experienced my prolapse, I felt broken. Now, after working with Jenni, I feel empowered. I have been given the knowledge and confidence that I need to heal myself and keep myself healthy and strong. In a way I feel lucky that I got this wake-up call when I did, because the things that I’ve learned about my body on this journey will be the key to being able to continue enjoying all the activities that I love as I get older. Not only that, but I’ll be able to pass this knowledge on to my daughters and hopefully ensure that they never have to experience the fear and sadness that I did, at a time which should have been full of joy. Thank you Jenni! J

I have not been depressed since I met Jenni. I came to see Jenni about incontinence problems (and also had no self-esteem or confidence left).

My son is 4 years old, and spending time with him involves a lot of running.  Usually I would stop drinking water some time before we would go out, and overall I was drinking less than a litre per day.  I adapted to drinking over 2 litres per day in few days, easily, and changed my diet.

I am doing exercises, but not to the extent I should do (only due to lack of time).  But even with this minimum amount per day I feel the difference – no leaks at every quicker step, and I have so much more energy.

I no longer think about when and where I would (need to) use the toilet.

Thank you Jenni, flying over to England was worth every penny.

I x


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